My name is Rabbi Joe Orlow. I live in Silver Spring, Maryland. I am the Rav of Refuge.

“Refuge” is a project in Lakewood, New Jersey where a group of likeminded people live, learn and work in a cooperative environment. Cooperative living means sharing resources, not only to save money, but to unify the group. Refuge is based on learning Torah and on working to make a living. The members live communally in order to achieve these goals.

Refuge is part of the existing, established Lakewood Jewish community and benefits from the work that thousands of Jews over decades have put into building the Lakewood community. We acknowledge that work and recognize the Mesiras Nefesh that it took.

Yoni and Tehilla Benamou live in Lakewood. They are running the Refuge project there. This includes helping newcomers find a place to live and work.

The Refuge website is lakewood.press.

Yoni Benamou
301-946-6966 (voice and text)

Rabbi Joe Orlow
240-850-5386 (voice and text)